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Clamp-on ultrasonic interface detectors are ideal for a number of applications, including:


■ Gasoline interface detection

■ Mutli-product interface detection; densities can range from liquefied gas to heavy crude oils

■ Product identification

■ Auto batching control

■ Detection of entrained water and gas in all products

■ Scraper (“pig”) detection


Clamp-on ultrasonic interface detectors are available in three different enclosures:

■ Standard wall mount IP65 (NEMA 4X) enclosure

■ Explosion proof compact IP65 (NEMA 7) enclosure

■ Explosion proof wall mount IP66 (NEMA 7) enclosure

SITRANS FUH1010 Interface Detector Clamp-on Solutions

The SITRANS® FUH1010 interface detector system is temperature and pressure compensated. It precisely detects crude oil and multi-product interfaces.


The system provides the user with exceptional repeatability over a wide range of products, independent of changes in temperature or pressure.


Data outputs include API number, density, and specific gravity at base temperature and pressure – and also at actual operating conditions. Clamp-on products are a direct replacement for intrusive densitometers.


One of the many features provided is a user settable relay to indicate a “Rate of Change” (ROC) alarm. This feature notifies the user or automated controller that an interface has occurred. The relay set point parameters are user programmable to allow the sensitivity to be adjusted for fast/quick or long/slow interfaces.


Widebeam technology is employed to provide the highest degree of performance and operation. This technology offers considerable advantages over other ultrasonic meters because it allows the highest degree of performance combined with continued operation under difficult conditions that typically overcome most other instruments. Widebeam technology also permits continued operation over an exceptional range of products.


SITRANS FUH1010 (Interface Detection)


Pipeline Interface Detector

The 101B is a temperature and pressure compensated clamp-on pipeline interface detector. The device is designed for precision detection of interfaces of crude oil, multi-product transportation, and inter-refinery pipelines. It provides repeatability over a wide range of products, independent of change in temperature, pressure, or viscosity. Data outputs include API number, density, specific gravity, and product identification number. The 101B uses ultrasonic and RTD transducers to measure the sonic propagation velocity and the temperature of the liquid. These measurements facilitate identification of the liquid by its ‘sonic signature’ which defines its density. Available in NEMA 4X and 7 configurations, the device has FM, CSA, and Cenelec safety approvals.

The MiniSonic-ISD clamp on interface detector is a reliable and economical solution to identify the change in product within a pipeline. It measures the speed of an ultrasonic pulse travelling through the product to detect the change in product. The speed of sound is a physical property of the product and relates to density or concentration. With ATEX certification this interface detector can be used in hazardous areas. It incorporates all the intelligence, innovation and experience acquired by Ultraflux in 40 years of being the world’s specialists and technical experts in ultrasonic transit time measurements.


  • Identifying change of product at critical stages along the pipeline.

  • Concentration analyser in the chemical industry.

  • Alert at tank filling points.

  • Rapid installation with clamp-on probes is suitable for temporary installations.

  • Tracking of spheres used in oil and petroleum pipelines.

  • Tracking of cleaning and intelligent pigs used in a wide range of pipelines.



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