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We have highly effective and professional teams both in the US and China, with long-term tempering ourselves through practice, we have built a quick communication channel in a timely manner, including delivery of technical and commercial documents, translation and global real-time negotiations and intercommunication. As a local team in California, we focus on seeking for new technology and product, international collaboration, international project engineering service, and sourcing etc. We are good at collaborating with US company for international project bidding in the energy industry.


Our team in China consisted of senior expert and consultant in several industries with more than 20 years experience in engineering services, they have accumulated over 10,000 customers. With a strong culture and client background in the Greater China market, this team maintains the best client-relation networks and close ties with huge organizations and decision makers in the oil and gas sector. We are very familiar with future proposed key projects and their implementation plans in China and have highly effective resources in advantage. Because of our rich resource and experiences in these fields, we can bridge communications to assist more and more North America companies to obtain huge opportunities in the Asian market and to spread their new technologies there as quick as possible.


Besides our unique resource and understanding of Chinese culture in depth, our strength lies in making our dreams in true with abundant devotion and positive action. We focus on assisting the US company to cross over culture and system differences for building a platform of international collaboration, getting the right direction and correct method, which is the key to success. Why did lots of North America companies fail for doing businesses in China? because of lack of guidance, they can hardly find effective ways by merely spending their money and precious time in vain.


ACOI's service scope includes but not limited to seek for new product and technology, project solution and system engineering services, such as if in details: Organize cross-country visit; Host technical exchange or seminar; Assist US company to pass qualification screening of tendering; Help project bidding; Facilitate contract signing; Translate documents and their delivery; Coordinate project communication; Maintain good client relationship etc.


Come talk to us, we will not let you down.



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Events & Activities
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A meeting, consisting of the clients, pump packager CSI and CAT engine manufacturer, was held in Houston to solve the technical issues of the client in 2017.

The client SEAOP, Pump Packager CSI and ACOI reps in Midland

SEAOP, CSI and ACOI reps. photographed at Tetra, Houston
SEAOP President & CSI President in Midland
China Guodian, Magnetrol & ACOI reps.
Underground Gas Storage Project meetings in Wuhan, China 
China Guodian, ACOI & Megentrol leaders
HomeFed and ACOI Presidents
SEAOP President & Reps. with ACOI at Caterpillar in Lafayette
ACOI took CNPC reps to visit TransCanada
Photographed after Niger-Benin Pipeline Project in CNODC, Beijing, reps from Warren CAT, ACOI and CNODC.
CSI, PSI and ACOI leaders in Long Beach
ACOI reps participated in other forums in Beijing, China.
Other company reps. visited ACOI
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