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Our Vision


"We win only when you win" is our company motto. Our core philosophy is "excellent quality derives from higher requirements", our company spirit is "hardworking, rigorousness, cooperation, excellence". We devote ourselves to help your company be successful in expanding your state-of-art technology and attractive product in a huge new Asian market. We can handily do this because we understand thoroughly the local cultural and business dynamics.


We have established hundreds of connections with local customers and suppliers. We are committed to offering the lower-cost, lower-risk and cost-effective solution to enable North America company to expand its business and services across the Pacific Ocean without having to incur high initial expenses and to deal with all the myths and unfamiliar facts and situations. Just leave the myths and unfamiliarity to us, we will make you feel at ease when it comes to going after the new market across the Ocean.


Due to difficulties and cultural differences, most companies do not know how to get it started even if they tend to expand their business and services abroad, they may think task to crack into a new market across the Ocean would have to be humongous and overwhelming, and the cost of doing so would have to be beyond the manageable range.


This is where we step into the picture. Give us a try, we will help you achieve a profitable market expansion, or help you implement a cost-effective sourcing strategy on the other side of the Ocean.

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